I am dreaming of a Turquoise Christmas

This Christmas, I am crediting the colour Turquoise. It’s not my favourite colour, but it has made appearance numerous times in my wardrobe, my shoe collection, my accessories, and even wallet collection. So this year was definitely a turquoise year!

It has been a quiet Christmas this year. Nothing fancy on that particular day but 2 days before, we had some pretty amazing time with my colleagues and bosses. On Christmas day, I’ve decided to be a complete parasite and laze my day away watching Christmas movies while stuffing myself with good food.

I’ve started with Love Actually, Arthur Christmas, Home Alone, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, It’s a Wonderful Life & ended with Stardust which I haven’t finished yet.

These sort of blissful times are very hard to come by these days, therefore I treasure such privacy and solitary big time. End of the day simple pleasures makes most significant memories in the future.

I am hereby wishing everyone a Merry Merry Christmas. I hope you had a great time with your family and friends! Hope you had a wonderful time feasting!



Blog Challenge 6th Day- What’s Your View on Mainstream Music

I am actually a very easily influenced person who tend follow the trend. Sometimes, I will notice how cliché they sound, compare to how they used to be.

However, I still love good ol’ music, and will always know how to enjoy a real, true music. Mainstream may be mainstream but true music takes the stand.

I am a small scale musician, I know how important it is to keep yourself updated about music and stuff. At the same time, every true blue musician will know to appreciate good music. 

Trust me. 

Don’t Fit Me in!

There’s one thing I’d love to hate is how vulnerable I am but at the same time I can’t afford to crumble down at any rate. I’d hate getting emotional and overwhelm with jealousy.


I don’t want to be jealous.

I am better than all this sh*t. I am great, and wonderful. A girl who accomplish half of things alone, and walked bravely no matter rain or shine, even through the hideous storm. ALONE.

I really don’t feel like arguing all the time because of this.

For once, I want someone to focus totally on me, and not having to share my limelight with others. I don’t want to be adjusted to someone’s schedule, I want to be someone’s schedule. Unfortunately, if I start to voice out about this, things will turn ugly, and they will say about how much they have sacrifice for me and how I should be more grateful rather than complain/ whine all the time. 


It’s just me.

You are the saint.

I want to walk away into a place where I can bring my books and live there. Who would look for me there? Not you. You are just fitting me in your busy schedule. When I’m gone, you will find for from 10pm – 2am and then will go back to your routine schedule. 

Yep. That’s it

Book Shopping or I’d like to call it Book therapy

Today, I decided that it is a good day to splurge on books. I walked confidently to the BORDERS and looked around on something fancy. Anyone who knows me knew that I can get hopelessly emotional when I step into a bookstore. This was the same case when I stepped into BORDERS, always the same way. A tiny drop of tears was about to flow out by the magical sight of brand new, discounted books. I’ve visited the store many times before, but this time, it was different. This time, I actually have the cash to splurge. I went on the routine of touching, holding, gasping, some other extraordinary behaviors that only visible when I am in company of books. 

I was enthralled by the sight of the book that I’ve long wanted to purchase, THE TIMEKEEPER by all time favorite author Mitch Albom. I convince myself that I have to get it this time, otherwise I am sure to regret in a couple of weeks time, when I no longer have the cash to spend. But the sight of the new book that I just came across yesterday, THE PILGRIMAGE OF HAROLD FRY was also on the display. I was overjoyed. That was an understatement. Basically what I felt was indescribable. My words were chocked by my happiness. If I was allowed, I would have twirl like a ballerina to convey my happiness. Don’t worry. I did not twirl, never. Anyway, this was a bargain, buy 1 and get 2nd at 50%. WOW! So, I will get both books under RM 50! How can I resist? Tell me! How can I?

Instantly, I felt positive. My mood was uplifted. My clouds are brighter, my sky is bluer! Oh, the joy of buying new books! To reach the books and carrying them to the counter, and be sure that these babies will be yours to touch and read, Oh the absolute joy! Nothing like a book shopping/ therapy, absolutely nothing. Or maybe…restocking my make up collections, or buying pretty clothes. But book shopping will be my most effective therapy. 


Day 3- A book(s) you love

This is a topic I both love and dread.


I have so many favorites, I can go on and on. And if I have to narrow it down. Wow, that’s very difficult.

Let me just sum it up for you on my fave books. It will make my life so much easier.

Harry Potter Series-  Every child in this world must have heard of this and may have been the ultimate reason why some take up reading as a hobby. I too was an avid fan and spend hours in finishing all the series I borrowed from library and also my bestie, Sarah.

Twilight Series– Okay, I know there’s so many twilight haters here. But, I am fondly attached to the characters from the book (not the movie!), and the suspense keep me going till the end.

Jodi Picoult’s work-  I can confidently take any Picoult’s title from the shelf, pay for the book, go home, read the first page and hopelessly fell in love with the book. So you get what I mean? 

Time Traveller’s Wife– This book was one of those where I dread when it’s close to finishing. The one that I have to put down to cry and dry my eyes, continue after I am done. 

Mitch Albom’s work- Any readers will know why Albom is nothing but amazing. nuff said.